Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Everybody wants their website to be on Google search results page 1 in position 1.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process by which a website's words and structure are polished so that when a search request via Google is issued, your site is displayed high up on the search results page.

There are 2 aspects to search engine optimisation:

    • On-site optimisation (or organic SEO). This is attending to such items as page titles, meta tags, text placement, relative font sizes, link text, keyword density and content relevance. This is to ensure your web page link appears in the highest possible position on the search engine search results page, and that the text displayed is sufficiently inviting that the visitor clicks through to your website.
    • Off-site optimisation. This is the building of quality inbound marketing links to your website. Quality inbound links can enhance your search result position and vice versa.

Of course, it is possible for even the smallest of businesses to be somewhere on the first page of Google without any inbound links, providing your website is optimised and you have a unique offering. It depends on what you want to be famous for and then reviewing your website content and structure to ensure that they reflect this.

It's worth remembering that the wider your business offering, the harder it is to be number 1 for everything.

As an ethical SEO company, we are unable to guarantee getting your site to page 1 position 1.