Website Usability Guidelines

Posted on in Copywriting

Building a successful website requires an understanding of website usability blending website structure and content together.

Website Structure

Structure should follow established conventions to prevent visitors having to learn new ways of interacting.

Website structure covers for example, 'look and feel', search engine optimisation, accessibility and font styles and sizes.

Website Content

Content sentence complexity should be aimed at the target audience.

Web content covers writing style, language complexity, sentence and paragraph construction and information presentation.

Positive visitor experience

    • Interaction. Visitors want to interact with your site at their own speed.
    • Site navigation. Ensure the site layout and navigation are intuitive and follow established conventions.

Negative visitor experience

    • Distractions. Heavy use of advertisements or moving text and images.
    • Registration. Asking your visitor to register before providing basic information.
    • Incomplete site. 'Under construction'. If there is nothing to say, don't say anything.