Website Visitors Browsing Habits

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Visitors increasingly see 'Search Engines' as 'Answer Engines' to answer their question.

The Challenge

Visitors to your website want answers quickly, and with the minimum of effort expended.

They can be quite ruthless in assessing the benefits of spending time on your website.

This results in visitors 'information snacking'. That is, coming to your website, collecting a piece of information, then going off to another website for another piece of information.

The challenge therefore is to answer the question and retain the visitor on your site long enough for them to undertake a transaction.

Positive visitor experience

    • Content scanning. Visitors interact with your website by scanning content on the web page. If it looks interesting they will read it.
    • Information foraging. Your site structure and content should support foraging to enable visitors to find the answer they seek.

Negative visitor experience

    • Unreadable text. Block text, small fonts and poor colour contrasts are difficult to read on screen.
    • Introduction screens. Visitors almost always opt to 'Skip intro' when flash introduction or splash screens are displayed.
    • Browser plug-ins. Don't expect visitors to download a browser plug-in to see your content.
    • Page load times. Visitors are impatient. Too long and they will give up and go elsewhere.
    • Browser incompatibility. Failure to display your web page correctly on their browser.
    • Poor site navigation. Not knowing where they are and how to navigate their way round the website.