10 Years of Broadband in the UK

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Britain celebrates 10 years of broadband internet this week.

NTL (now Virgin Media) installed the first broadband connection in the UK in 2000. Since then the number of connections in the UK has grown to 18.3 million.

In the last 10 years broadband has changed the way we live and work be it shopping, holidays, home working and everything in between.

The next challenge for broadband providers to increase network speeds. Today only people who live in high density conurbations enjoy high-speed internet access. The rest are stuck in the internet slow lane, particularly those who live in rural areas or a distance from their local telephone exchange.

Over 2.75 million homes cannot get broadband of a minimum of 2Mbit/s. Next-generation broadband holds out the promise of even more revolutionary ways of doing things so the imperative is for network providers to deliver high speed internet access to everybody who needs it.

As people increasingly expect 'always on' availability to information businesses need to consider how they will respond to the challenge of meeting information consumers demands and doing business 24/7/365.