Already have a Website?

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Is it working for you or against you? Does it reflect your business sales and marketing? How does it compare with your competitors? Does it look a bit old with out of date information?

In the race for new business is your website a competitor or a spectator?

Your website has to deliver 5 things

    1. Support your business sales and marketing. Through presenting your business effectively to decision makers.
    1. Attract and retain visitors. Through creating search friendly results that promote visits.
    1. Display and navigation. Display correctly on popular web browsers and with intuitive site navigation.
    1. Content. Content must be interesting and relevant.
    1. Call to action! Encourage visitors to undertake a transaction - to buy or contact you.

Consider the following in relation to your website

    • What is your website doing? Is it actively promoting your business?
    • Is it current? Like traditional marketing material, websites require regular updates to reflect both changes in your business, your clients and buying trends.
    • Are you converting visitors on your website? Every visitor to your website is an opportunity for a transaction. Is this happening?
    • Where do you appear in search engine results? Search engines constantly improve their search algorithms and your competitors improve their websites. Where do you appear?