Dotcom Silver Aniversary - 15 March 2010

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The internet celebrates its Silver Anniversary today - the day the first dotcom name was registered.


In March 1985, Symbolics computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts entered the history books with an internet address ending in dotcom. That same year another five companies jumped on a very slow bandwagon.


It took until 1997, well into the internet boom, before the one millionth dotcom was registered.


Today 668,000 dotcom sites are registered every month and the internet is part of the fabric of everyday life where people shop, connect with friends, book holidays, be entertained, learn new things and exchange ideas.

An estimated 1.7 billion people, one quarter of the world's population, now use the internet. There are 53 billion requests for websites, not just dotcoms, every day, about the same number handled for all of 1995.


By 2020 that figure is expected to grow to somewhere between three and four quadrillion.

Why Invest in a Website?

As has been said before, if you're a business and you don't have an internet presence you effectively don't exist because it's where people go first to find out about you.