Business Growth - Marketing or Sales?

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How do you grow your business? Through increased marketing or concentrating on sales?

Actually, both. So, what is the relationship between marketing and sales and how do they work together to generate new business? Start with an overview ...


Marketing vs SalesYou might have the best product or service available but without marketing you have no business.

Marketing raises your profile so letting customers know you exist and what you can do for them.

Key to marketing is knowing where purchasing decision makers look and how to make contact with them.

A website supports your business marketing. Visit these links to find out why a website supports your business marketing or to find out why you should have a website.

Our Business First approach to website development is geared towards understanding your business and marketing needs.

Marketing generates sales opportunities which transfer to your sales pipeline.

For more marketing ideas see Email Direct Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), CRM and Customer Engagement and details of our CRM Business Service.


Sales opportunities, either from your marketing efforts or prospecting existing customers are added to your sales pipeline and some ultimately convert into orders.

The timeline for closing sales in the pipeline varies depending on the type of business your run. Inevitably along the way some sales opportunities will be lost through being qualified out either by the customer or you, lost to competitors or the opportunity just goes away.

The key thing to remember is that if you are not talking to your prospects then they could be talking to your competitors.

For more information on sales development see CRM in the Sales Process and qualifying to win new business SCOTSMAN.

Performance Measurement

The third element of any the marketing and sales process is measuring your marketing and sales effectiveness. Through this measurement process you will be able to improve your sales conversions into orders.