Email Direct Marketing

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Email direct marketing is easy. Right?

Generate or buy a list of email addresses, create an email, blast everybody on a daily basis and wait for results.

The recipients mark your emails as spam and delete them; you derive no business benefit, it harms your reputation and likely you get reported as a spammer. Game over!

Let's consider the fundamentals ...

Build an email distribution list

First your list must only contain people who have opted in to receive emails from you else you and your business will get classed as a spammer.

Some ideas to use in building an email distribution list:

    • Via your website where people can opt in to receive regular communications.
    • 'Give to get' where visitors provide their email address in return for receiving some specific information.
    • Asking existing clients and contacts to subscribe to your distribution list.

Before you build your email list consider how you will want to 'slice and dice' or segment subscribers to your list(s) to enable you to target specific groups.

This email list will form a key element of your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Target your emails and measure response rates

Key to email marketing is:

    • Ensure everybody on your list has opted in - absolutely fundamental.
    • Get a validated email address - absolutely fundamental.
    • Allow people to unsubscribe - absolutely fundamental.
    • Make the email subject line engaging.
    • Target decision makers and make it personal.
    • Content should be well crafted and relevant to the recipient.
    • Visually interesting and consistent in branding and structure between successive emails.
    • Include a 'call to action', ideally time limited to generate urgency.
    • Don't make it too long. Include hyperlinks to relevant web pages for further information.

Measure your email response rate

Email campaigns should not be considered a 'fire and forget' activity. It is important to measure the campaign response rate in order to feedback into future campaigns.

Response rate measurement can be further enhanced by undertaking comparison testing between different email formats within the same campaign. This indicates relative effectiveness between the various formats and is a very powerful way of improving your ongoing email marketing.

Email marketing and email list manager service

If you bulk send emails use an email marketing service. These services are set up for high volumes and will be registered with internet service providers (ISPs) as non-spammers.

These services also provide automatic recipient unsubscribe facilities as well as email development and response measurement tools like opening and clicks - vital for feedback on how your emails are being acted upon.

Email list security

Your email list is a key part of your business. It takes time (and therefore has a value) to build so don't loose it or give it away.

Benefits and disadvantages of email marketing

Driving visitor traffic to your website to 'find out more' broadens your opportunity to cross sell other goods and services and additionally, aids site search placement ranking.

The disadvantage of email marketing is that it is uni-directional. You are totally reliant on the receiver doing something with the email which is why it is so important to make it interesting, relevant and include a 'call to action'.

How can we help?

We can work with you to:

    • Set up a suitable email marketing service.
    • Identify how to segment your customer base for maximum benefit in email campaigns.
    • Develop email templates for use in your direct marketing email campaigns.

Additionally, if we build your website we can include an opt-in email marketing sign-up for your web visitors linking to an email marketing service should you require this.

Contact us to discuss setting up your email direct marketing solution.