CRM and Customer Engagement

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You have loaded all your customer contacts data in your CRM system, so what now?

Communicating with your database

If you take the approach that everybody on your database will buy from you at some point then you could just simply blast them with emails on a regular basis until they submit. Of course others do this to you and eventually you start to resent them, deleting without reading or unsubscribing. You don't want your database to do any of these things do you?

So the key thing is targeted communications based on their interest, where they are in the sales pipeline and importantly, how they are responding to your communications.

An example ...

Mary saw you at a show in London and asked for some information about one of your products. So after a 3 minute conversation you know:

    • Her name.
    • Her email address.
    • The types of shows she attends.
    • Her geographic location.
    • Her interests.
    • The level of interest in one of your products.
    • Her awareness of your competitors.

... and importantly, you have also started a business relationship with her. So the question is how to develop and nurture this relationship into a future sale?

Generating awareness and closing sales

Generalising there are two sales streams; the 'slow lane' where leads are gathering information and the 'fast lane' where leads are well disposed to purchase. How you separate these two groups out depends on a number of factors. However, it is important to recognise that both groups have differing information needs.

For the 'slow lane' your communication may well be less frequent with content biased towards authority and brand building whereas for the 'fast lane' communication is likely to be more frequent with content targeted towards reinforcing and closing sales.

To continue our example ...

Where is Mary? Because you have started a conversation with Mary you know where she is in the sales pipeline and can target your communications appropriately either reinforcing your brand and authority or providing her with additional sales information as she requested.

CRM customer record is key

In either case it is key that the CRM record for Mary can record and track where she is in the sales pipeline for you to be able to accurately target your communications to meet her information needs.

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