What should I write on my website?

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I am frequently asked this question and have had many in-depth discussions about the relative merits of what should and should not be written.

The content dilemma

Inevitably the conversation comes round to balancing the provision of sufficient information to your visitor without giving too much detail away to your competitors.

This is a tough balancing act so consider what you are 'marketing'. This may well be your business knowledge, business capabilities, innovative products, competitive pricing, timely delivery or some other unique selling points (USPs).

Data, information and knowledge

So what should be written? With web content you are dealing with a hierarchy of three elements; ‘data’, ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’.

What to write on your websiteFor example, if you sell TVs then:

    • Data could be represented by the screen size, weight, display modes, price, dual tuners, etc.
    • Information would be, for example, the TVs capability to record to external hard disk whilst watching another program because of the dual tuner.
    • Knowledge is the experience to recommend one TV over another and why.

For a visitor coming to your website what are they looking for? Data, information, knowledge or a combination of all three?

What do you want to be recognised for?

What marketing USPs are you trying to project through your website to encourage contact? Is it domain knowledge to enhance your reputation and build authority or maybe it’s price and availability? In the end it’s a decision driven by your position in the marketplace, competitors offerings and most importantly how you want your visitors to see you.

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