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Visitors to your website evaluate the information you provide. So, what is their evaluation criteria?

In a previous blog ‘What should I write on my website’ we discussed the dilemma of balancing data, information and knowledge. In this blog we look at how visitors to your website might evaluate what you have written.

Knowing how visitors evaluate your content gives you the opportunity to tailor what you write to meet their evaluation criteria thus increasing the probability for them to initiate a transaction with you.

5 website content evaluation criteria

    • Authority. Is the person or organisation recognised as being a domain expert or having domain knowledge?
    • Accuracy. Is the information reliable and error free?
    • Currency. How up to date is the information?
    • Coverage. How broad and deep is the information provided? Is it relevant and at the correct level?
    • Objectivity. Is the content objective by expressing facts without distractions or bias?
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