SEO and inbound marketing

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The Google world has moved on! Stop link building and start link earning!

Previously inbound link building to improve your search placement results followed a number of approaches from free ‘link farms’ of various flavours (never a good idea) to paid for links and email 'blasts'.

With recent changes to Google’s search results placement algorithm the effect of this approach to improving your website search placement has been kicked into the long grass.

Why is this?

Google’s business model relies on delivering a list of websites, in order of relevance, against your search criteria. If Google does this well then more advertising revenue will come its way because people will use Google’s services more (as we all know).

Inbound links are among the many attributes Google uses to measure your website to determine your results search placement. It therefore follows that any low quality or ‘manufactured’ inbound links have no place in this placement process.

So, in the ‘new world’ we need to look at link earning … earning links from other sites. Sites that recognise your site as the place to find goods and services or as a source of authoritative information.

SEO inbound link earning examples …

    • Cross promotions and partnerships between complimentary businesses.
    • Social sharing of information that leads to links being made.
    • Earning links through the quality of content presented on your website.
    • Requesting inclusion on quality managed directory listings.
    • Guest posts on other quality websites.
    • Participating in, and raising your profile on, active communities thus earning links organically.
    • Mining you competitors back links and looking to carefully replicate them (only doing it better).