Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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What is Customer Relationship Management? How will it help me to increase my sales?

The problem - how to manage your business contacts list?

As businesses we all collect contact details and other information about our customers and sales leads. The question is how to organise and use this information to benefit your business?

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Understanding your business relationships

If you understand the business needs of your contacts you will be in a good position to create sales opportunities and build deeper business relationships.

Broadly, your business relationships fall into two categories:

    1. Sales leads. Those people who have shown an interest in your business but have yet to purchase from you.
    1. Customers. People who have purchased from you. You will be in a good position to develop this relationship further resulting in future sales opportunities.

Managing your business relationships

Communicate with your sales leads and customers in what ever format is most appropriate; email, text, letter, fax, telephone or even face-to-face! The key things are:

    • Relevance. Make what you say relevant to their needs.
    • Record results. These results will inform you how to continue an ongoing dialogue to grow the relationship.

How can we help?

We can work with you, using our proven Business First approach, to identify how best to manage your business relationships. To discuss further please contact us or see our CRM Business Service.

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