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Sales and proposals qualification or how to identify orders you could win.


SCOTSMAN seeks to address the well known fact that sometimes prospects come up with an idea that never gets to contract award for a variety of reasons. SCOTSMAN is a straightforward means of qualifying a sales lead through highlighting areas that need attention.


    • Solution. Does the prospect like your solution? Do you have any references to back it up?
    • Competition. Are others bidding for this work? Does the prospect express any supplier preference?
    • Originality. Has the prospect recognised your uniqueness and strengths?
    • Timescale. Has the prospect accepted your implementation timescale? Are their timescale realistic?
    • Size. Will the job demand more resources than you can give? Is the job of strategic benefit?
    • Money. Does the prospect's budget and your costs match? Is the prospect's budget realistic? Are you more expensive than your competition? Can you or your prospect afford it?
    • Authority. Are you talking to a decision maker? Do they know a decision has to be made?
    • Need. Is there a justification for the project and a decision timetable?

How is SCOTSMAN used?

Score against each SCOTSMAN element

    • 0 - no more work required.
    • 1 - you just don't know enough.
    • 2 - major area of concern requiring more work to resolve.


Sum the total score and:

    • 0 - 5 Looking good, some work to complete.
    • 6 - 10 Lots of work to do.
    • 11 - 16 Review whether you should proceed.

To summarise

Qualification is an ongoing process not a single event. It is quite normal to re-qualify an opportunity many times as more information becomes available. You should not be afraid to qualify out an opportunity; in fact qualifying out and explaining why to your prospect can sometimes have a positive result and put you back in the frame!

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